Col. John Sims Scott
Regimental Commander
1st Louisiana Cavalry

Sims Family Cemetery
Woodsland Plantation
Sligo, Wilkinson County, Ms.

The Sims Family Cemetery is located well off the road in a deeply wooded area. The cemetery has not been kept up for years and damage by time, trees, and vandals has taken its toll.
Mr. Jesse Jefferson, owner of property, was kind enough to guide me to the area and point out some of the graves.
As is readily seen from the photographs, Col. John Sims Scott's grave marker has been toppled over and is lying on the ground, covered by trash, algae and weather are taking heavy toll on his marker.
I am attempting to set up a committee to go to cemetery and clean, restore, and remark graves. It will not be any small feat to do but it is a shame to allow this to go unabated.
I have, so far, been unable to make or locate any living members of the Sims or Scott family.
Mr. Jefferson advised that, to his knowledge, there are none locally, or at least, none that have any interest in the cemetery. None have come to him since he has been there.
I hope my venture is not too far in the future and will keep this updated with my efforts.


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